Justice for North Caucasus: «Circassians in Jordan also protest»

Justice for North Caucasus: «Circassians in Jordan also protest»
On Thursday evening, in Amman, Jordan, in Al-Ahli Club, and with the presence of a large crowd, including former officials, we watched a documentary about the Circassian Genocide, and it was very moving, and stirred an issue that cannot be forgotten.

Every year, Circassians protest symbolically, against the Russian Massacre, which have been committed against them, and led to the death of more than a million Circassians from different tribes, and those less than sixty thousand Circassians who survived those massacres remained in «Circassia» at the time, with a few that managed to immigrate.

Also on Friday, the Circassians in Jordan stood in front of the Russian Embassy in Amman, to protest against the Olympic Games that were launched in the city of «Sochi» Two days ago, a city that witnessed the biggest brutal massacres against Circassians.

There, the nations of the world play sports over a land drenched with blood, and beneath the soil, hundreds of thousands of martyrs, a sport that lacks morality, and holds no honor whatsoever.

It is noteworthy that Circassians in Jordan never protest against any domestic issue, from their Jordanian perspective, but they also never over express their Nationalism Cause, which is entitled «Genocide», because the Circassians, here, do not wish to be separated from the general context, and they balance in a very clever way between citizenship and integration, on one hand, and symbolically showing their cause on the other hand.

Circassians are warriors, known for their integrity, stubbornness and craftsmanship, and their role is very positive in the kingdom, there is even a consensus on them, because they’ve always been positive with others and toward their citizenship, and never did they score any prejudice or a stray away from the concept of citizenship.

The film that we watched included information, documents and experts .The story is painful, Russia that was implicated with the blood of Circassian Muslims, did the same with the Chechens, Afghans, Dagestan and many others. And Moscow today, faces no pressure to come forward and recognize its crimes with integrity, neither makes effort to apologize in front of the world, for the shameful crimes committed one hundred and fifty years ago.

In the modern concept of states today, countries come forward to apologize for what their ancestors did, but Moscow did no such thing, because it knows that erasing the memory is its only escape of the crimes that led to the theft of the Circassian Lands, killed hundreds of thousands and displaced the rest through ships across the sea. Hundreds of thousands also martyred in these trips, and only a few made it to Turkey and the Arab world.

Up to this day Moscow is stringent in an unannounced way against visits of the Circassians – from different nationalities in the world- to their original homeland.

It was said that if you want to liberate «Circassia»; the area that is located in the north central and western Caucasus, which includes the peoples of the Circassians, you need a subtle Circassian planning and tenacity, the strength and stubbornness of warriors of «Chechnya» and the large numbers of «Dagestan».

But we say today, that there is a fourth element missing, an element that was never beneficial in war nor in peace; the Arab money and their political influence over many different capitals, which could possibly force them to move and acknowledge the rights of Circassians and their cause, as they are also our rights that has been robbed, and there is no separation between them and us.

Among us these days- by the way- are more than a thousand Syrian family of Circassian descent, and these have been displaced twice, once from their own country, and the other from their own country as well; the first was from «Circassia» and the second from «Syria» because of the crisis, these also need support from all of us. And the sad thing here is that any possibility of any of them returning to their country «Circassia» is faced with many obstacles put against them by the Russians.

Ironically Moscow massacred them twice, too. First time in «Circassia» and the second in «Syria» through Russian arms flowing to Syria, no differentiation between Arabic and Circassian, not by piety, nor by impiety.

There’s nothing more beautiful than diversity in life, and let’s consider only countries that are versatile, and how they excelled and prospered, because they took the best of the peoples and cultures, such as America, Canada, Australia and Europe?!

Here in Jordan, the blessing of diversity is sometimes underappreciated, but that would not be a normal life, like the four seasons of the year, unless the community is amicable and mutually supportive, where beautiful variations flow towards one political identity, just as Jordan is; a role model among the Arabs?!

During the film, pictures of the Russian Generals, the killers were displayed, those who committed the crimes in cooperation with hit men, the so-called «Cossacks», Who are an ethnic group of Eastern Slavs who live throughout the southern steppes of Eastern Europe and Russia, and the Russians tried to resettle «Cossacks» in the lands of Circassians, and today, we also find them stealing the traditional Circassian costume, and claim that they are the people of the region, and its lawful owners.

Blood is unforgettable, and without grudges nor hatred, the calamity of the Circassians cannot be erased, as it is Genocide, no different from the genocides committed against other peoples. Neither religion nor… humanity, allow such shameful crimes that taints the face of humanity. May the souls of their and our martyrs rest in peace, as this is a nation destined for a sword to remain on its neck, and its blood to remain pouring…

Translated from Arabic by: Zaina Bashqawi