July 7, 2014

People gather In Sochi to protest against corruption

About 100 people gathered in Sochi on Saturday for a rally against corruption in power bodies and officials' abuse of power in the sphere of land relations.

The participants in the rally held posters reading: "Law and Order to Olympic Sochi!", "Give land to large families!", "Stop construction chaos!" and "Hands off monuments of nature!"

"By means of our rallies we are trying to raise the activeness of Sochi residents," said Roman Shikarev, one of the organizers of the rally and the leader of the movement "Law and Order".

The action was attended by residents of different districts of the city-resort, who claimed violations of their rights. The rally passed without incidents. The participants supported a resolution demanding to put an end to corruption in Sochi. The resolution was sent to the top officials of the country and territory, as well as to heads of law enforcement and supervisory bodies of Russia.

Svetlana Kravchenko, CK correspondent

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