September 11, 2014

HRC "Memorial": masked men kidnap local Zalimkhan Tkhamokov in Nalchik

On Tuesday, in Nalchik, unidentified men in masks kidnapped a local Zalimkhan Tkhamokov, the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" has reported. According to rights defenders, Tkhamokov's relatives still cannot find him.

Eliza Tkhamokova, Zalimkhan's wife, has submitted her application about the kidnapping to the HRC "Memorial". She herself learnt about the incident from eyewitnesses – the workers of the carpool, where her husband works. According to their story, when Zalimkhan was leaving the facility in a fixed-route taxi, unidentified men in masks dressed both in camouflage uniform and civilian clothes drove up, dragged the man out of the minibus, put him into their car and drove away. Before leaving, they searched the minibus.

According to rights defenders, Zalimkhan's relatives have signed an agreement with the lawyer Elena Bairamkulova, who has already lodged a statement to investigating authorities.

Eliza Tkhamokova told that in January this year her husband was also kidnapped, presumably, by law enforcers. They tortured him with electric current forcing to confess of links with people he did not know. Unable to withstand the torture Zalimkhan signed some document and was released.

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