October 20, 2014

Head of Adygeya met representatives of Egerukay town

Head of republic of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov held a meeting with representatives of Egerukay town and discussed the issues of socio-economic development of the territory Egerukay. 

At the meeting partipicate Prime Minister of Adygea Murat Kumpilov, Head of the Administration of the Head of the Republic Vladislav Fedorov, Chairman of the  Physical Culture and Sports Murat Hasanov, deputy  of the Koshehabl district Ruslan  Emykov,  as well    head of Egeruhay town Ruslan Braftov. 

- We are very pleased this form of communication. I think that our conversation will affect all the issues of the town life, and we will find ways to solve them together - said Aslan Tkhakushinov at the meeting. 

During the meeting they discussed the results of the participation of Egerukay in the federal program aimed the social development of the town.

Representatives of Egerukay thanked Aslan Tkhakushinov for the meeting and for his constant attention to their problems and invite the head of the republic to visit Egerukay.

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