More than 100 thousand compatriots settled in Russia in 2014


More than 100 thousand people took advantage of the state program of resettlement of compatriots to travel to the Russian Federation in 2014, informs on Tuesday, the press service of the Federal migration service of Russia.

" according to the Federal migration service of Russia, in 2014 under the state program of resettlement of compatriots from abroad to the Russian Federation moved More than 106 thousand people. This number exceeded the estimated number of migrants More than 2 times. Today compatriots are ready to take in 55 regions of our country ", - said in the report.

according to the information of the migration service, similar growth is associated with increased use of the mechanisms of the state program to assist refugees from Ukraine.

" Participation in the state program allowed residents of the South-East of Ukraine, who were forced to leave the territory of their country, to formalize the legal status, employment, and receive financial assistance from the country ", - said in the FMS.

Note: In fact, from 20 thousand Circassian refuges from Syria were scattered in the middle east only few hundreds could back to their historic homeland Circassia, North Caucasus. The Russian government is doing everything to prevent their return to their historical homeland.

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