April 19, 2015

Krasnodar residents complain about construction of multi-storied building near lake

In Krasnodar, in the fenced territory of one of the Karasun Lakes, construction works have been launched to erect a 16-storied residential complex. This was reported by local residents. According to them, builders began to pour concrete to the territory that was once used by city residents for their walks.
Today, the residents of Krasnodar have gathered for a rally against the construction of the multi-storied complex. The city residents argue that the construction was launched without their approval and without public hearings and that builders cut down trees at the place of construction and blocked a passage along the shore of the Karasun Lake.
"The fence is built too close to water, and it bears no object passports. Thus, we do not know what kind of object is being built there," local resident Alexei Kudryavtsev has told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.
According to Ilona Gavrilyuk, a resident of the village of Pashkovsky, the local residents plan to create an initiative group to preserve the Karasun Lakes.
"Instead of launching a construction, we should put the lakes in order, that is, clean them, stabilize their banks and create a recreation area for local residents, as we were promised by Mayor Vladimir Evlanov," Ilona Gavrilyuk has stated.

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