June 13, 2015

Supreme Court of Adygeya dismisses complaint of ecologist Brinikh

The judicial board on civil cases of the Supreme Court of Adygeya has refused to satisfy the complaint lodged by ecologist Valery Brinikh against the sentence passed by the Maikop City Court, which had found him guilty under the lawsuit on protection of honour, dignity and business reputation. 

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on March 5 the court found untrue the information, contained in the article "Conversation with Tree", posted on September 20, 2014, on the Internet resource "ZaKrasnodar!", and obliged Valery Brinikh to post a refutation of the data discrediting the honour and dignity of Vyacheslav Derev ("Derev" means "Tree" in Russian, – note of the "Caucasian Knot") on the same Internet website in the form of an article, and fined Brinikh by 100,000 roubles in favour of the claimant as compensation for moral harm. 

The appellate instance has dismissed the appeal complaint against the Derev's lawsuit. The motivational part of the judgement has not ne announced yet. 

Valery Brinikh said in his comment to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that his arguments concerned "the legislation violated by the first instance at passing its judgement" and the "law-enforcement practice, reflected in resolutions of three plenary sessions of the Supreme Court."

 "But in fact, the court has ignored all that. It looked like the judgement had been passed in advance," said Valery Brinikh. 

His defence intends to appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court at the appellate.

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