July 10, 2015

Anna Gritsevich will fight for her rights

Anna Gritsevich, a "Caucasian Knot" correspondent, has left the detention facility in Adler, where she served her three-day administrative arrest, and stated that she had no complaints as to the custody conditions, but intends to appeal against the court judgement about her punishment. 

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that ecologist Vladimir Kimaev and Anna Gritsevich were detained on June 29 during the police raid to the village of Chereshnya, where local residents protested against a landfill organized after the flood in Sochi on June 25. They were charged with disobeying policemen. In the evening, the detainees were released on recognizance to appear at the court. On July 6, the court arrested Gritsevich for three days; the same punishment was imposed on Kimaev on July 7.

Anna Gritsevich was released today at 12:30 a.m. Moscow time, exactly when her three-day arrest has expired. 

She told her "Caucasian Knot" colleague that the order to detain her was given by a senior police official in the rank of a colonel. According to Anna, she knows his surname. "He is not on the video, but his voice is heard there," she added.

According to Anna Gritsevich, during detention, she received bodily injuries, which were later fixed by traumatology experts. Their conclusion will be attached to the application demanding to open a criminal case against the policemen, who had violated the journalist's legal rights and applied disproportionate force to her. 

She said that she would prepare complaints against the policemen's actions and the court judgement on her arrest.

Author: Magomed Tuayev; Source: CK correspondent

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