Head of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov met with repatriants

On the eve of the day of repatriants (1 august) head of republic of Adygeya Aslan Tkhakushinov met with Circassian repatriants who have returned from abroad.

During the meeting the head of Adygeya said that the Republic systematically works on the adaptation of the repatriants (returnees)  to their historical homeland.

According to the Committee on Nationalities, Relations with Compatriots and the media of Adygeya,  in the Republic about 1,600 repatriants from Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Yugoslavia, Israel and Europe. They all have the opportunity to work, study, receive the necessary assistance. About 40 repatriants employed in education, health and culture. Many work in the construction and road transport. The universities of Adygeya trained 78 students from among the Circassian (Adyghe) diaspora, about 90 children are enrolled in schools, 19 children attend kindergartens. People help repatriants in the construction and purchase of homes in areas of the republic.

Head of Adygeya noted that the republic's leadership will continue to pay serious attention to the work on reception and arrangement of the compatriots,- reports the press service of the Government of Adygeya.

Photos of the press service of the Government of Adygeya.