August 7, 2015

Nationalism and Circassians -

There are so many viewpoints on nationalism in the world. The most pessimist one of these approaches is to see it as a kind of racism. Especially in Central Europe , Nationalism is being lumped with xenophobia and racism. This one is the anglo-saxon aproach on nationalism. After the second world war this viewpoint on nationalism had became dominant all over the world. The winners of the second world war cursed the nationalism, quoting the Hitler Fascism. Developed Mass Media was the their main propaganda device against national movements and the nationalism idea’s itself after the 1950s. The socialist camp dominated by Soviets Union did not dispute this anglo-saxon approach because they had also created a kind of prison for nations under socialism umbrella.

Then cold war heated and They needed a preeminent nationalism idea with a sauce of anti-communism. Soviet Union formulated this nationalism as patriotism with another sauce around the same time. This sauce was anti-imperialism. The patriotism of Soviet Union was actually nothing but a pure Russian Nationalism.

They had to tell another tale to tyrannized peoples of the world and Micronationalism has became their saver to keep oppressing the tyrannized peoples of the world. We started to hear this term in last 15 years so much. We see both socialists and the representatives of imperialists accuse us of being micronationalists. This means they can be nationalists but we have to be slaves. They are colonizer but we have to accept being colonists. They can be socialists of sovereign nations but we can not be the nationalists of Circassian Nation.

Nationalism is not xenophobia or racism for us. We do not have to accept its anglo saxon reading. Especially We are not micro… We are a big nation like other nations in the world so we are not micronationalists. We just want to be equal to other nations with the same rights in peace. It is very possible to build this equality in Russian Federation If RF gives up its attidutes of hostility and regognizes the Circassian Genocide fullfilled by Russian Empire. We are very proud of being Circassian Nationalists.

As we said four years ago, Circassian Nationalism is the struggle of Circassian People for the right of defending and developing of its own unity, mother tongue, homeland, its religion and its tangible culture.

Long Live Circassian Nationalism

Long Live Patriots of Circassia

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