Statement of the Circassian (Caucasus) Assembly of Kayseri against the International Circassian Association

Presidents’ Assembly of the Federation of the Caucasian Associations in Turkey (Kaffed), held a meeting in 08.08.2015, in Ankara with participation of the president of the International Circassian Association (ICA), Sahurokue Hauti, and his accompanying  delegation.

The president of the ICA Sahurokue Hauti made a statement on 26.08.2015 regarding the subject matter and the content of the meeting, to Pravda Journal of Kabardino-Balkaria (

The statement in question and such expressions were included; “the first part of the meeting was tensed up and youngsters posed pungent questions”. Subsequently, by saying that the working performance and explanations of ICA is misunderstood by Circassians of Turkish Diaspora, the following expression is placed; “our young compatriots apologized (!) by disclosing afterwards that they do not know the truth”.

These explanations directed to the content of aforementioned meeting were completely delusive and contained deliberate distortions.

In summary, ICA delegation put the following into words (when they met with management);

Studies were performed by them in relation to compatriots coming back from Syria;

They ensured to celebrate the 20th of September as “World Day of Circassians” and it’s “importance according to them” (!); 

“Contrary to common belief, Sochi Olympics provided benefits in favor of Circassians and Circassians were represented in top-level;

Studies concerning the development a common alphabet were in progress.

After the said explanations, the following denouncements and questions were absolutely brought to the agenda by us who have allegedly apologized;

·         ICA successfully carried out studies pursuant to it’s charter by 2000 for the future of Circassians, however it was pointed out that after 2000, ICA set out actions and statements that did not comply with its establishing principles and aims, and was asked that why it is insistently maintained.

·         What has the ICA aimed with the expression; “ICA and its affiliates were proponent of Russia” , and what was intended?

·         How a benefit was obtained for the Circassian People and it’s future via subvention demand of ICA from the Russian Federation under the name of “Confrontation against ethnocentric ideologies on Internet network”, and why it has disregarded those negative effects of this action on the Circassian Diaspora.

·         Although it was argued by the ICA that all decisions and all speeches of ICA were made by unanimity, and by reminding of decisions taken without Kaffed’s information and involvement, it was questioned of why this kind of improper, arbitrary and opaque practices was performed.

·         Even though, problems of Circassians such as Genocide, Exile, returning to Homeland were not settled, how a feast was invented as a “Circassian Day”, and what was intended by promulgation of said feast day.

·         As for the undertaking of recognizing the Circassian Genocide and Exile by third parties, why ICA withdrew from it’s identity of  non-governmental organization which left an impression being as state institution through making speeches.

·         Why ICA, which persisted the rhetoric of “Russian Federation preserved our mother tongue”, was silent regarding the education in mother tongue that was converted to optional course, even though the Russian Federation practice on this issue did not contribute, but on the contrary, it placed obstacles and impeded to preserve the mother tongue of Circassians, so why the ICA did not show an opposite attitude.

(We publicly issued in August 2014 such questions, denouncements and suggestions in writing on {}). None of our questions in the said declaration were responded to, by the ICA delegation. Thus, on the contrary of allegation by the ICA’s president, those questions of Kayseri Xase were “falling into nothing”, and our questions of the issue were “left unanswered”.   

We insistently and certainly confute the delusive statement of the ICA’s president as “after explaining that our young compatriots apologized by saying, we did not know the truth”.

The questions perceived as “pungent questions” by the ICA delegation were not other then just a demand to explain the ICA’s actions and speeches. This “attitude” and “huge concerns arising from incidents”  are not a fault that requires to apologize for. Therefore in the meeting at issue, we are those who were defined as the “young compatriots” did not apologize to anyone. 

We,  who are aware of the responsibilities and duties loaded by our belonging culture to individuals, will maintain to question and to speak out about transgressions found by us. If attitude and actions of the ICA that shirks sensitiveness of Circassians are perpetuated, we respectfully declare here that we insistently maintain the said stance and position of ours till questioning the ICA’s structure and manner of actions.

Caucasus Assembly of Kayseri (Kayseri Caucasus Xase)

Board of Management.


Translated from Turkish into English by Karden Murat Yildirim