October 13, 2015

Caucasian opponents to airstrikes on Syria fear civilian casualties

Most of Russian residents support the military involvement of their country in Syrian conflict, as they see a threat from the "Islamic State" (IS), the "Levada Centre” has cleared out. Among residents of Northern Caucasus, there are both supporters and opponents of the Kremlin’s decisions. The latter draw analogies with the invasion of Soviet troops into Afghanistan and fear the inevitable death of innocent civilians, said the experts interviewed by the "Caucasian Knot".
According to this polling, conducted on October 2-5, more than two-thirds of respondents see threat from the IS, that justifies air strikes on its positions both by Russia (72%) and France (63%). One third of Russians (28%) are against Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict. 78% of respondents do not exclude that participation in the Syrian conflict may escalate into a "new Afghanistan” for Russia. 33% of respondents are against the decision of the Federation Council, authorizing the use of Russian troops abroad; in general, this decision is supported by 46% of respondents.
According to Adam Bogus, the head of the Adyge-Khase of the Republic of Adygea, there is no clear picture of the attitude of the Adyg and Circassian population of Northern Caucasus and the Diaspora to the Russian military actions in Syria.
"I personally don’t understand, who is the object of bombings and attacks. There was information that two Circassian villages were bombed. Under no circumstances, Circassians and Circassian villages should be attacked", Adam Bogus told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.
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Author: Magomed TuayevSource: CK correspondent

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