Kabardino-Balkaria: Prosecutor of Baksan District to protect the interests of a female villager

The Baksan District Prosecutor's Office has filed to the court a complaint to protect the interests of a female villager of Islamei disabled from her childhood. According to the Prosecutor's Office, the district authorities failed to allocate social housing to the woman in accordance with the law.

The Prosecutor's Office carried out a check after receiving an appeal from a female resident of the Baksan District. In her appeal, the woman has written that on January 19, 2010, she was registered at the administration of rural settlement of Islamei as a person disabled since childhood in need of better housing conditions. Meanwhile, the woman has reported that because of the lack of housing, she has to live with her grandfather's family, the Russian Prosecutor's Office reports.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that in April, after seven years of waiting, Viktor Azanov, a veteran of World War II, and his wife Larisa from Sochi were allowed to move into a separate apartment in a social house. They were accommodated to the apartment together with disabled Victor Didenko.

Besides, in April, at the claim filed by the Prosecutor's Office, the Kirov District Court of Astrakhan obliged the city administration to allocate housing to a 14-year-old disabled person.

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