Young Circassians from Rostov consulted with the President of Adygeya for the founding of Circassian organization

from left: the minister of diaspora Asker Shhalakho, the pesident Aslan Thakushinov and the young Circassians from Rostov

Not long ago a group of young Circassians from the city of Rostov-Na-Don arrived to the Republic of Adygeya,-reported the website of the president of Adygeya.

The Young people who met with the president of Adygeya Aslan Thakoshinov sought advice for the establishment of a Circassian Association in Rostov. Thakoshinov supported the idea of the young people and give them advice on the subject.

Rostov city is located about 400 km north of Maykop (the capital of Adygeya). In past the area of Rostov was included in the historical State of Circassia. Today, in the city live few thousand of Circassians.