December 16, 2015

Russia Suppressed Circassian Activists on the Pretext That Russia-Turkey Relationships are Tensed

Adnan Khuade

Dear All,

Yesterday, officers of Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) with a policeman and two FSB officers came to my store which is operated in behalf of my daughter. They did not show any warrant search from the court or prosecution Office. They prepared a protocol (official report) during three hours. Today, same persons appeared again. The situation vexed my daughter. When they called me,then I arrived there. I said that if they had not any document they should get out. All of them went out other than FSB one. I tried to exsert him but I could not achieve. As all persons went out other than him, even he would be inside we want to close the store. This once he seized me and blocked me to go out. As he repelled me into inside, door pane was broken. Fragment panes cut my leather coat.

Since pane was broken he released me and I went out. We closed the store and then went to our home. All lawyers who I called are busy. One lawyer told me, it is applied to all persons who have contacts with Turkey, you are third called me today.

My daughter and my wife returned to store. Others are in line, officers said that they have rights to control and demanded to open stores.If they do not open, officers enter by breaking doors. I am writing this message and then I will go to prosecution office to write a complaint letter. That is it for the time being.

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