Magas and Nalchik included into Top-10 cities by "National Choice-2015"

More than 9 million Russian residents have chosen the best, in their opinion, cities in the country, having voted for them within the project "National Choice". The eighth place in the contest went to Magas, the capital of Ingushetia, and the tenth place – to Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria.
As stated by the website of the above nationwide Internet project, the contest of cities was organized "with the aim to support the national development and self-consciousness of generations, and preservation of cultural and historical heritage of the Russian statehood." The participants were the administrative capitals of all regions of Russia.
The voting was summed up on December 30. The first place went to Sevastopol, which claimed 314,624 votes. The runner-up was Khabarovsk (247,045 votes), the third place went to Kostroma (240,027 votes).
The best result among the capitals of the regions of Southern Russia was gained by Magas – 63,843 votes. The tenth place was taken by Nalchik with 55,284 votes. A little behind them were Astrakhan and Vladikavkaz – the 13th and 14th places (48,221 and 41,073 votes, accordingly).
The 27th place went to Elista, the 32nd – to Maikop, the 42nd – to Stavropol. Also among the 50 best cities are Grozny (the 44th place) and Volgograd (the 48th place).
The worst result among the administrative centres of Southern Russia was shown by Makhachkala – the capital of Dagestan took the penultimate 82nd place with 1171 votes.

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