Police are checking destruction of dolmen in Adygea

In Republic of Adygea, the police start checking reports about the damage to the dolmen "Khadjokh-4", whose age, according to researches of Russian archaeologists, is approximately 4000 years.
The information about the destruction of the dolmen, located in the northern outskirt of the settlement of Kamennomostsky of the Maikop District arrived on January 19 at the SMS-service of the "Caucasian Knot".
Dolmens are structures built of huge stone blocks; there are about 3000 of them remaining in the Caucasus. They appeared at the end of the 3rd-2ndmillenniums BC. Scientists can only put forward hypotheses about purpose of them. There are two main versions: these structures could be either places of worship of the peoples who lived here, or burials. Dolmens are older than the pyramids of Egypt, says the publication about Caucasian dolmens on the website "Culture of Russia".
The information about the damage of a cultural and historical monument was registered by the local division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On January 21, the venue was examined by an investigating-operative group, says the website of the Chief Department of the Russian MIA for the North-Caucasian Federal District (NCFD).
Experts are establishing possible causes of the dolmen damage, the MIA has explained.

Source: http://eng.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/34367/
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