Maikop police twice ban rally on Day of Circassian language

Zaurbiy Chundyshko, the leader of "Adyge Khase - Circassian Council" 

In Maikop, the capitol of republic of Adygeya, the organization "Adyge Khase-Circassian Council" has twice failed to agree with the law enforcement authorities the venue for the planned rally devoted to the tight situation with the Circassian language.

The notification of the action scheduled for March 14 on Lenin Square was in advance registered at the Maikop Mayor's Office by Sergey Koblev, Deputy Chairman of the "Adyge Khase".

"We are aware that Lenin Square is not included in the number of venues sanctioned by the law for mass actions. However, we have indicated it in our notification, since some of similar events are still carried out there. When we got the refusal for sanctioning of this venue, we immediately indicated another place. However, it turned out that Friendship Square is also not a place where we and our supporters can gather," the "NatPress" quotes Zaurbiy Chundyshko, the leader of the "Adyge Khase" as stating.

According to him, in Adygea, the authorities "hardly sanction any protest actions." It is still unknown whether the organization will submit a new notification on the rally, the "NatPress" reports.

Author: Karina Gadzhieva; Source: CK correspondent