Circassians (Adygs) walk through Moscow to popularize their national costumes

On August 26, a group of Circassians, living in Moscow, walked around Red Square dressed in Circassian national costumes. Young people took pictures with passersby and explained they used such a way to popularize the Circassian national costume.
The Circassians demonstrated national costumes in the centre of Moscow.
On August 26, the demonstration of national costumes in the centre of Moscow involved about 13 persons. Men and women dressed in Circassian national costumes walked around Red Square and along the central streets of Moscow.
According to Larisa Khadipash, an initiator of the demonstration of Circassian national costumes, such an event is being held for the first time.
"The demonstration is associated with the idea of popularizing the Circassian national costume," Larissa Khadipash told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.
Author: Anna GilievaSource: CK correspondent

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