New public organization “Circassian Progress” starts working in Adygea

Already - without registration - a new social movement, created in Adygea and called the “Circassian progress”, is starting its activity. The law allows for registration when members of the organization need it, the initiators explain.

According to them, the need to create an organization is dictated by the fact that not only Circassians, but also other peoples have more national problems in the Russian Federation, which means there should be more and more public associations that could make a block to solve these problems.

The founding conference of the Adygean Republican Public Movement  "Circassian Progress" was held a week ago. The Charter of the organization was adopted, the list of founders was designated, members of the executive committee were elected. Aslan Agirov became chairman, Asker Bzhetsov became vice chairman, and Ali Bgana was elected auditor.