May 10, 2020

Circassian (adygean) activists help Syrian returnees

Circassian (adygean) Activists from the group "Help to Syrian compatriots" and the NGO "Paryt" have spread 103 food packages among Circassian repatriates.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that Circassian refugees began returning to their historical homeland, including to Kabardino-Balkaria, back in 2012, when the conflict had escalated in Syria. It is difficult for returnees to adapt in Russia, learn Russian and find work, the ethnic Circassians who had moved from Syria to Adygea have stated.

Because of coronavirus, many Syrian returnees are jobless and in a difficult situation. "Many returnees had their businesses – cafés, shops – but they had to suspend their operation," said Ratmir Karov, an activist of the NGO "Paryt".

He explained that his NGO and a group of Circassian activists are regularly raising funds to help Syrian repatriates.

The "Paryt" continues helping Syrian repatriates in receiving documents for residence in Russia, Beslan Khagazhei, the head of the NGO, has stated.

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