August 7, 2014

"Independent" Abkhazia symbolism and deadlock of Circassians

Abkhazia has never lost its feature of being a symbol for the last 25 years. It was the icon of hope and resistance in august 1989, and 1992-93 war, and the following 15 years. Abkhazia symbolizes status quo after 2008. We call it “independent” Abkhazia and this is much different than the previous ones.

Geopolitical competition of western and eastern merits has been coming true in Eurasia. The countries that rivalry condensed; Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova make their choices on universal truths such as freedom, honor of humanity, individual rights, and state of law. In that case Moscow wants to use Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transdniester, and Crimea to obstruct those countries that Russia sees as their backyard from consolidation with Europe.

The mutual feature of these countries that relative to different categories is their oligarch-bureaucrat system serves for the geopolitical benefits. To understand Abkhazia, we should look over Eurasia.

But we should recompense to Abkhazia. It has a different place in those regions. National susceptibility is really strong. People of Abkhazia don’t tolerate the existence of the Kremlin that capable of doing everything. Thereby we should separate the reality of Abkhazia and Abkhazia symbolism from each other.

Abkhazia symbolism is a perception project that Kremlin built and performed by the hand of its collaborators. Target group is Circassian people. The mission is to keep it in Kremlin’s orbit, and to obstruct it to get out of World Circassian Union and Kaffed; even further to make it 5th branch.

The most powerful weapon of symbolism is “Adige-Abkhaz fraternity” claim. But underneath this humanistic image there is coldness of geopolitics. Purpose is that Circassian people not to imagine a future for themselves. Because if they start to think, they will demand them to acknowledge the genocide, the right of returning to homeland, unity and lots of others.

Circassian people’s benefits contradict with Kremlin’s benefit. As a matter of fact Kremlin doesn’t negotiate the problems with Circassians, it is indisposed by the talk of those demands.

This means Circassian people should not think of themselves. They must live for Abkhazia. Otherwise accusation is ready; treachery to Abkhazia and cooperation with Georgia-Western imperialism.

However Circassian-Abkhaz relationship could have developed in a different way. The foundation of Abkhaz-Fed offered the opportunity of liberation for Circassians also. But the opportunity is missed. Forget to follow the same way to found their own organization, to hypothecate the willpower of Abkhaz people was tried with a crude emotional blackmail; “You are being ungrateful.”

The ways of Circassians and Abkhaz people are politically separate now. But it’s not a bad thing. The other way around it’s a normal and healthy process. Two folks are ripening. The most importantly they learn politics and get modern.

What makes the process colicky is while Abkhaz people have their own state even though its attribute is controversial, Circassians don’t have a political project that is equivalent. Issue gets tangled here. On this occasion politics were made by emotional words such as ungratefulness, betray, brotherhood, fidelity. But what is necessary is elected representatives of peoples to bargain with each other, and everyone should see this as a normal situation.

Still Circassian and Abkhaz peoples’ benefits overlap on one point: they will destroy “Abkhazia symbolism” together or captivity of both of them will remain.

Time is Circassian-Abkhaz fellow-traveler time!

Time is to do politics!

Patriots of Circassia

6 Ağustos 2014

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