Republic of Adygeya (Russia) Is a Sport State

The Republic of Adygeya is considered as one of the greatest sport states in Northern Caucasus.

On the international sport competitions the masters from Adygeya for the period of last 10 years won: on the world and Europe competitions - 95 gold, silver and bronze medals, on the competitions for world Cups they got 13 prize places; on the competitions for Russian Cups - 23 prize-places; on the All-Russian Competitions they got: 60 gold medals, 52 silver medals and 66 bronze medals.

According to the results of review of mass and health work in towns and regions of Russian Federation "Start in the 3rd Millennium", Maykopskaya town sport organization took the 3rd place, and Takhtamukayskay regional sport organization became a laureate of this review.

Murat Khasanov was an 11-time Sambo world champion (Heavy weight) and 19-time Russian champion. 
Today, Khasanov is the minister of sport of Adygeya.