Circassian Prospects in 2015

Adel Bashqawi

The new year is another phase of Circassians’ march towards demanding their confiscated rights, which doesn't afford anymore neglect, procrastination or postponement that had been the manner for most of the time since the end of the Russian-Circassian War until now.

Circassia was plagued by the Russian consecutive regimes’ fascist  policies since imperial Russia had actually committed its savage military invasion, resulted in deleting the country of Circassia from the map of the Caucasus region. When Circassians seek to assert and restore their legitimate rights, then the address of the oppressor and occupier is well-known to everyone, its the successor of the Russian Empire, the “Russian Federation”.

Russia has framed itself to be the only enemy in this world for Circassians, as the tyrant Russian policies are still implemented against them to the extent of denying Circassians to repatriate to their homeland. It is proven beyond any doubt that if anyone to be blamed, its obviously the Russian stubborn conduct (

Circassians need genuine friends. Normally, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, so Circassians need sincere people to offer them advice، expertise and support, while they are seeking to se-cure their future and to get recognition for the genocide that they had suffered and still.

Focus should be on demanding the right of self-determination and the legal rules to this principle, by following peaceful legal procedures in a civilized and nonviolent manner, that reflects applying the International Law by the United Nations' Covenant and the resolutions of the international community. Justice for mankind must be achieved in accordance with the International Law ( and the United Nations Universal Dec-laration of Human Rights (, which falls under: “Rights are no statute of limitations”.

A researcher performed: a “study dealt with the emergence of Self-Determination definitions and its historical development. The researcher has attempted to prove self-determination as a politi-cal principle since 1918, that is, during the American president, Wilson, reign, and then devel-oped into a law precept with the establishment of the United Nations. Further, self-determination in the United Nations Charter was addressed where the victorious states' negligence of the peoples' right to self-determination was confirmed. Next,  I made clear self-determination right in the international resolutions where it was well showed that this right is an absolute one to all ravished nations without distinguishing between the ethnicities” (

The indigenous Circassian nation, should draw the attention to the plight of one of the ancient nations of South-eastern Europe located in the North Caucasus which was subject to the Rus-sian invasion that consequently destroyed and annexed the entire homeland, committed atroci-ties to the degree of genocide & ethnic cleansing, destroyed the culture and language, eliminated half of the population, and deported 90% of the remaining inhabitants by rickety ships, mainly through the Port of Sochi where the Winter Olympic Games had taken place in February of last year, which coincided with the 150th year commemoration of  the Circassian Genocide, to the Ottoman Empire across the Black Sea. The descendants of the exiled people are living nowa-days with no homeland mainly in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the United States, and in more than 30 countries of the world.