We will be in Circassia on 21 of May

This year we will be not in Kefken or in  Kartal… neither  in front  of any Russian  consulate , we will be in Maykop, Nalchik, Cherkessk and  Sochi , we will be in homeland!

We're going to homeland for making a bridge between the past and the future for the memory of Circassian genocide and exile  together  with our ancestor and  our patriots in homeland.

If We will success, We will apply documents for permit residence for living  in homeland .

The program of the event  is unclear till now.

For those who want  to join the event that will  take place on 18-25 of  May  should  be in  contact with the following  e-mail address and phone numbers till this date   March 1, 2015.

Long live Circassia!

Long live Circassian Nation!


1-Hatko Schamis:


90 37 275 22 32

2- Bırs Bülent:


90 532 573 20 06

3- Dündar Dırnak:


90 505 617 06 04

3- Tamszuqo Jinal:

0511-105 706 69