April 9, 2015

Death of Circassian young man in prison in Syria

According to information posted on Facebook by Circassian activists from Syria on 4 of April  Circassian young man Mohab Omar Naji died in the prison in Syria, also wrote that he was infected with hepatitis. The activists did not write in which prison died the Circassian young man and they  did not write more details about this case. 

Circassians activists who works with the issue of refugees in Syria says that since the beginning of the war in Syria, more than 300 Circassians were killed and more than one thousand injured. The number of Circassian refugees  more than 30 thousand, half of them refugees inside Syria, and the other half moved to Turkey and Jordan. Less than two thousand people were able to get to the Circassian homeland in the North Caucasus.

Photo:  Mohab Omar Naji, who died in prison in Syria.

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