Armenian protesters intend to continue action until fulfilment of their demands

The protesters against the increase of electricity tariff have stated that they would not leave Bagramyan Avenue until the decision to raise the tariff is cancelled. 

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on June 17, the Commission for Regulation of Public Services (CRPS) of Armenia made a decision to increase electricity tariffs, starting from August 1, by 6.93 drams per 1 kW/h. On June 19, in the Armenian capital, activists declared a sit-in strike demanding from the President to cancel the decision to raise the prices for electricity. On June 22, they began a march to the presidential residence; however, by the morning of June 23, the protestors in Bagramyan Avenue were dispersed by the police. On June 23, a new rally was started in the centre of Yerevan.

Today, the Armenian presidential administration has issued a message that until the end of the audit of the company "Electric Grids of Armenia" the country's population would continue paying for electricity under the old tariff. The message also states that "the Armenian government would take over the entire burden of the tariff increase."

In response, activists said that their demand to cancel the decision to increase the tariff was not fulfilled; therefore, the action would continue. 

Vladimir Gasparyan, the head of the Armenian Police, said in his comments to reporters that, despite the fact that protesters are not going to leave Bagramyan Avenue, the restoration of normal operation of one of the main arteries of the city is a matter of time.

"So far, let them rejoice the victory, but then, in the process of negotiations, we'll understand the need for a compromise; and people will go home," said the police boss.

Author: Tigran Petrosyan; Source: CK correspondent

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