Visitors to Sochi beach complain about guards of Putin and Medvedev

Holidaymakers are scare by armed employees of the Federal Guard Service (known as FSO), who are guarding the residence "Riviera-6", located on the border with the municipal beach, said guests and residents of Sochi.

"The beach is open to the public; however, permanent problems appear here because of its proximity to the residence of the Russian government, guarded by the FSO from all sides," a local resident, who introduced himself as Maxim, told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

A resident of Sochi named Sergey came to the municipal beach to find out how it is possible to take his father, a wheelchair invalid, to the sea.

"I heard that the beach is equipped with a ramp. Indeed, at the very end of the beach there is a ramp, but it is all the broken and reaching only the middle of the beach. However, the entrance to the ramp is blocked by militaries. When I asked them why the entrance was closed, they told me that Putin and Medvedev have their rest nearby. But I didn't understand what the connection was of the first persons of the state with the city beach," Sergey said in his interview to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

Employees of the FSO are present in the territory of the beach since August 28, said Vladimir Petrenko, the director of the municipal beach "Riviera". According to his story, they "will be on duty about until September 7."

He stressed that "the situation has been common in recent years, when the first person of the state arrive in Sochi."

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