September 13, 2015

Wedding police to monitor 'uncontrolled joy' at weddings in Adygeya, North Caucasus

A special police unit has been created in Russia's North Caucasus region to clamp down on "uncontrolled joy" when unruly couples celebrate their weddings. The 40-strong force will patrol the republic of Adygeya to make sure wedding-goers drive safely and that nobody fires their weapons from car windows, according to the Tass news agency.

The new unit was announced by the region's Interior Minister Alexander Rechitsky. He said: "The wedding police will put a stop to the complex situation with the manifestation of uncontrolled at joy wedding party convoys. This is a precedent for Russia."

According to the BBC the people of Adygeya have a reputation for partying hard, and weddings there often involve celebratory gunfire and driving around in noisy convoys. The "wedding police" will be the first such unit in Russia, and will keep an eye on popular routes that wedding motorcade participants use as their planned itineraries.

They will also post officers to sites frequented by newlyweds, such as parks or city squares, the report said. An air balloon will monitor the convoys from the skies and Rechitsky added that his officers would act "politely and correctly" while executing their duty.

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