Yaganov: The International Circassian Association is a died association since 2000

One of the leaders of the Circassian national movement in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Ibrahim Yaganov Referring to the conference of the International Circassian Association, which took place on 19 of September in Nalchik said that in his opinion this Association died long ago, back in 2000.

Yaganov said that this Association does not determine anything and does not affect any process in the Circassian world and their conference in Nalchik is only a protocol.

In the conference of the International Circassian Association in Nalchik re-elected Hauti Sohrokov as the president of the Association .

Note that a year ago established a new International Circassian Organization "Circassian Repatriation Organization" in Canada. The main goal of the new organization is to work on the subject of repatriation to the Circassian Homeland. This organization is independent and is not linked to the association mentioned above.