Villagers from adygeya complain to rights defenders about incorrect compensations after flooding

In the Republic of Adygea, residents of the village of Blechepsin have appealed to human rights defenders with a request for help in the quarrel with the regional authorities: according to the villagers, the authorities prevent full payment of compensation to victims of the flooding of May 2014. The appeal signed by 41 residents of the village of Blechepsin was received by the Public Association "Kabardino-Balkarian Regional Human Rights Centre".

The "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by local resident Eduard Kazanokov that the compensation was paid to the victims of the flooding with significant delays and that many people did not receive the federal financial aid.

According to Eduard Kazanokov, elderly people and socially disadvantaged families have received less certificates and money that they ought to, and officials issued certificates for financial aid to their relatives.

"Local residents carried out protest actions. They held meetings, rallies, and pickets and visited the head of the administration. The people did everything they could. However, their efforts did not succeed... The people in the village are left deprived of financial aid," Eduard Kazanokov has concluded.

Meanwhile, in answer to the request filed by the "Caucasian Knot", the administration of the Koshekhabl District, has stated that the claims of the villagers are ungrounded and that all payments had been paid in accordance with the regulatory documents.

Author: Magomed Tuayev; Source: CK correspondent