Nalchik entrepreneurs complain about protraction in renovating Kabardinskaya Street

The reconstruction of Kabardinskaya Street in Nalchik is on for 1.5 years, leaving entrepreneurs without incomes, said the owners of local shops and travel agencies. Entrepreneurs demand from the authorities to speed up the reconstruction, the city administration has promised to complete the works by May 1.
The project was launched in February 2014 assuming to create a pedestrian zone from Keshokov Street to Nogmova Street for the allocated of 70 million roubles. For the time of the works, they had to resettle 57 families from old and dilapidated housing facilities, writes the website of the head of Kabardino-Balkaria.
Entrepreneurs told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that because of the reconstruction about 30 small businesses – minor shops, cafes, a pharmacy and travel agencies – have lost their visitors and, accordingly, incomes.
The pharmacy in Kabardinskaya Street was the only source of income for its owner Yuri Kardanov, but now its work is virtually paralyzed; and the facility brings no profit. Undertaking a large-scale reconstruction in the conditions of economic crisis was reckless, Kardanov asserts.
The travel agency "Globus 21st Century", also located in Kabardinskaya Street, is without customers either, said Zhansurat Chimaeva, the head of the company.
At the end of 2015 entrepreneurs addressed their letter to the head of the republic Yuri Kokov, stating that the reconstruction was unreasonably protracted.

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