Patriots Of Circassia To File International Human Rights Organizations For Adnan Khuade

Adnan Khuade 

Patriots of Circassia has filed applications to main International Human Rights Organizations relating unlawful suppressing against Adnan Khuade by Russia. 

Patriots of Circassia has filed applications to main International Human Rights Organizations;Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Right Foundation and FIDH (Worldwide Movement for Human Rights), relating unlawful suppressing against Adnan Khuade by Russia. The text is given in below.  


InRe: Unlawful Supressing by Russia Against Adnan Khuade who is a Human Rights Defender for Circassians.

As it is known by public, Russian security forces, including FSB, permanently maintain a campaign of harassment against Adnan Khuade who is repatriated inhabitant of Maykop city, Circassian public figure and activist defending human rights and minority rights of Circassians. Adnan Khuade is continually prosecuted, investigated and detained by Russian authorities to intimidate aiming to divest him of struggle for Circassian rights before the public opinion of Russia. Said tools veiled by so-called legal forms are completely based on fictitious incriminations such as breaching of consumer law. 

On the eve of May 21, 2016,152nd  day of mourning for Circassian Genocide and Exile, he has been detained on the pretext of old traffic ticket and passing over red traffic light, but according to eyewitnesses coming from Finland as guests of him said that this was not happened. On 05.05.2016, traffic policeman stopped his car,in which eyewitnesses there, then additional police units attended,8 police cars in toto,  took Adnan Khuade into custody, then court has sentenced him 15 days prison on 06.05.2016. However, Russian FSB is conspiratorially  about to charge him with offering bribery to policeman. Its penalty is at least six months prison additional to said 15 days.

Previously, Adnan Khuade was detained and sentenced many times because of political reasons, for instance, to pressurize protests against Sochi Olympics where taken place historical Circassian capital city, a group of Circassian activists including Adnan Khuade was detained  ( 

One of the examples of suppressions and false charges was occured on 15.12.2015, FSB officers came to carpet store, belonging Adnan Khuade,  under cover of investigation for consumer rights, committed violence on him and his daughter and employee but then oficers accused that Adnan Khuade, his daughter and employee beat member of security forces. In virtue of this intriguing accusation, court handed down prison sentences upon them and sent to jail.

Rationale of said  “Kafkaesque” investigations and prosecutions is to create a hindrance for activities across the World directed to “Circassian Genocide” and “Circassian Exile” and “Circassian Problem”. In fact, Sovetskaya Adige , official journal of Adygea Republic which is a federal unit  of Russia, targeted Adnan Khuade in its issue published on 02.02.2016 (http://советская-адыгея.рф/index.php/bezopasnost/6064-po-kovrovoj-dorozhke-vrazhdy) . The title of hostile article was “Enmity on Red Carpets” referring Adnan Khuade’s carpet store. In said article, “Circassian Genocide” and applications for recognizing Circassian Genocide to parliaments of Ukraine, Poland,Estonia,Moldova and Latvia are considered an order of Western countries, USA, Jamestown Foundation, Paul Goble, Paul Henze and Zionism.  Thus, it can be said that Adnan Khuade is officially deemed an enemy by Russia. 

Adnan Khuade expresses his thoughts about the “Circassian Problem” through totally democratic, legal and peaceful ways and means but he has been detained, harassed and has been put under pressure by open and undercover threats. 

He has been unlawfully arrested for being opponent to Circassian Policy of Russia.All apparent accusations by prosecutions  are calumniations.

It is clear that, foregoing treatments infringe human rights. We are in deep concern about Adnan Khuade. 

We herewith submit the case of Adnan Khuade to your side. Your kind attention to this matter is appreciated. 

Please find out the summary of “Circassian Problem” in below. 

Respectfully submitted. 

Patriots of Circassia 

Non Governmental Organization

A summary of Circassian Problem:

In 18th and 19th centuries, genocide against the Circassian (Adygean) people had taken place where significant majority of Circassians were exterminated by the Russian Empire to take over Circassia, the Circassian (Adygean) homeland. The ones who survived were forced to leave their homeland and were deported and exiled as a whole, and as the Russian Empire planned, hundreds of thousands of people died during the exile process. According to a motto belonged to Russian generals and Russian authorities, the Russian Empire needed “the land that belonged to the Circassians, not the Circassians themselves”.

Exile continued also after 1864 with different excuses and different disguises, all kinds of pressure was implemented to make a handful of Circassians left behind by some means to leave their homeland as well. Relevant documents are in the archives in addition to published documents by eyewitnesses in propria persona.

Today, only one tenth of the Circassian (Adygean) population, around 700,000 people; is living in a piece of land that can be delineated as a small piece of historical Circassia, scattered and divided around. Circassian People, although they are one nation, have been condemned by the Soviet administration and by its successor, the administration of the Russian Federation, to live disconnected from each other, in different political and administrative enclaves, with different names as if they are different nationalities and isolated from each other.

At the present time, and due to the Circassian Genocide and Exile, 90% of the Circassian population has been forced to live outside of their homeland, scattered in more than fifty countries around the world. “Indigenous population’s right to be in contact with its own country” as a basic human right for Circassians in exile is restricted almost as much as nonexistence. The Russian Federation refuses to allow Circassians in exile to return to their Circassian homeland even if it is for urgent humanitarian purposes. The Request of Circassians in Syria who are caught in the fire of the civil unrest between the two sides in ongoing intestine war and still going on through all the pains of the conflict to return to their own homeland due to risk of death is not even taken into consideration by the Russian Federation.