December 14, 2016

Dagestan: Court leaves journalist Magomed Magomedov under house arrest

The Soviet District Court of Makhachkala has granted the investigators' petition to extend the house arrest of Magomed Magomedov, a journalist of the newspaper "Novoye Delo" and the former official spokesman of the mosque located in General Omarov Street. The house arrest was extended until January 12, 2017.
The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that Magomed Magomedov, the former spokesman of the Salafi mosque in General Omarov Street (former Hungarian Warriors Street), was suspected of illegal storage of weapons and drugs. He is currently under house arrest. According to his advocate, Magomed had stated that during his detention, a grenade, ammunition and drugs were planted on him.
Magomedov and his advocate asked the court to change his house arrest conditions. "Because I am a journalist, and for my work I need mobile and Internet communications; therefore, I ask you to allow me to use these means," said Magomedov.
The court has granted the investigator's petition and extended Magomedov's house arrest until January 12, 2017. The court has also allowed the journalist to "run talks with the use of any means of communication."
Let us remind you that Mr Magomedov had filed a lawsuit demanding to remove him from the prophylactic registration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

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