The Circassian diaspora in USA organized in New York rally in support of Ukraine

The Circassian diaspora in the United States held in New York rally in support of Ukraine,- reported IA NatPress

The protesters carried the flags of Ukraine, the United State, European Union and the flag of Circassia.

During the rally, demonstrators heard the short speech of the organizers. A video about this event was published in the Facebook page of one of the leaders of the Circassians of the USA Iyad Jaguar.

"The US should retaliate to what is happening now in Ukraine," - said Iyad Jaguar. According to the speaker, all former republics of the Soviet Union and all European countries should also speak in support of Ukraine and to condemn Russia's actions in the conflict.

Then, the protesters chanted "Ukraine - native land", "Ukraine - native land", which was replaced by the slogan "Circassia - native land."

Note Iyad Jaguar head of the International Circassian Council, whose headquarters is in the USA.