June 17, 2014

Ecologist Vitishko reports pressure from colony administration

Ecologist Evgeny Vitishko reports that the administration of the colony, where he is serving his court-appointed term, sets other inmates against him, by encouraging them to demonstrate their hostile attitude to him. This is stated in Vitishko's record in the LiveJournal.

On June 20, 2012, Evgeny Vitishko was sentenced to three years of conditional imprisonment on charges of damaging a fence around the so-called "summer cottage" of the Krasnodar Governor Alexander Tkachov. But in December 20, 2013, the court changed his conditional term to the real one; and he was convoyed to the above colony in the Tambov Region.

The ecologist said that on June 4 colony inmates told him that after the evening check the fixed telephones in the colony were out of order. According to his story, the acting colony boss Major Vlasov and the head of the operative unit Major Saprunov accused Vitishko of damaging the telephones; they walked through the colony and told inmates that Vitishko "had spoiled the telephones with his conversations." Besides, the bosses banned several inmates to visit the shop and again blamed Vitishko for that.

Thus, Evgeny Vitishko writes, the bosses try to tune the colony inmates against him. He fears for his safety and life and asks his advocates "to notify the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) about the situation around me as about one of the episodes, which can significantly affect my fate."


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