Justice For Circassia - By: Adel Bashqawi

Circassians, in all their whereabouts, seek to restore their legitimate rights. No matter how long it may take, the usurped rights will be restored. The types of crimes committed against the Circassian nation have no statutes of limitation. This coming year, 2017, should be, in the light of developments witnessed by the world, an incentive and opportunity to demand the restoration of the inalienable rights. The Tsarist Russian invasion had violated and seized the Circassian homeland by force and terror. Circassians will adopt peaceful and legal ways and means to restore their rights.

Circassians are going on in the process of their quest to deliver their fair cause to the civilized world. The struggle between good and evil is eternal and, eventually, good will triumph over evil.

The Circassian genocide must be recognized. Accordingly, all other associated confiscated and looted rights should be given back to their indigenous rightful owners.

Regrettably, different branches of the Russian authorities have ignored the Circassians’ legal and legitimate rights. During the past few years, some Russian academicians and scholars intended to issue and publish propagandistic studies and research about the Circassian Question. That was associated with holding meetings, seminars and conferences for the same purposes of changing and diverting the truth.

Aiming to divert the attention from the real Circassian issues and dilemmas in an academic tone, they followed immense aggressive objectives in recent years. An example of misinformation was published in late 2015, and was analyzed and published earlier this year, under the title: “Moscow Disinformation Spreading from Mass Media to Academic Output.” (www.stopfake.org).

Some Circassians got invited to Russian observatory events. They invited individuals, whether from the North Caucasus or from the Circassian Diaspora, to attend such gatherings. They were either invited to attend in person or by utilizing video communication systems, such as SKYPE.

The most recent seminar took place on the second of December, 2016, Under the title: ‘‘The Circassians and the Circassian Question— the Contemporary Realities” (www.pglu.ru).

Unfortunately, such gatherings have the tendency to change facts by concentrating on nonessential issues. They are steering a disinformation campaign to divert and topple the truth.

Apparently, in order to cut it short and to avoid passing propagandistic agendas, projects and plots against the Circassian Question, Circassians from the North Caucasus have declined to participate in the most recent conferences. However, some members of, or people close to the members of, the International Circassian Association have willingly taken part. Seemingly, they do not see a real threat in regard to the Circassian Question, because they cooperate blindly with various parties, without knowing the extent of the damage they would cause.

Regarding the different Circassian issues, it is not acceptable by the majority of Circassians to waiver any of the nation’s rights. This is evidenced by the vigilance and awareness of Circassians who know their status really well. Knowledge that deals with national awareness has remarkably improved in recent years, thanks to the employed modern technology. It is essential to clarify and protect the identity, elements, foundations and pillars of the Circassian national character. This is a natural and legitimate right of every people and nation, according to international laws and norms.

Being shallow-minded in regard to the national issues can be possibly condoned; but working against the national interests of the people, while knowing what damage that may inflict in regard to the whole Circassian Question, is not acceptable by any standard. Consequences may turn out to be embarrassing for all.

Not to defend terrorism or radicalism in any way, whether coming from groups or states, but matters should be straightened out. The Russian deep involvement in Syria at the present time and the apparent outdated Russian equipment reminds the world of the Soviet involvement and failure in the 1980s in Afghanistan. Not to intervene in the Russian-Syrian prerogative to do so, but Circassians of Syria are still not permitted to return to their historical Circassian homeland.

Another concern in regard to the Circassian Question is the present Russian-Turkish cooperation, which should not cross the Syrian borders’ arrangements. Hopefully, it will be positive in regard to the different Circassian issues. The recent ongoing agreements and understandings between the two countries should not affect the Circassians negatively, or the restoration of their rights. Hoping that no disastrous affects would be produced from behind-the-scenes talks, the way they took place between Tsarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire, in the absence of those who care for their homeland.

All the descendants of the Circassian Genocide’s victims, urge all people with Self-consciousness to join this campaign of blessed efforts to recognize the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing committed by the Tsarist Russian Empire.

People are urged to sign the petition in the following link, directed to the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS):

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

Adel Bashqawi

30, December, 2016