July 17, 2014

KAFFED threatens to withdraw from the International Circassian Association

President of KAFFED Yashar Aslankaya

According to a source close to the leadership of the Federation of Caucasian (Circassian) Associations (KAFFED)  in Turkey, at a meeting in Nalchik, the capitol of Kabardino-Balkaria republic, the ex-president of the organization Vadzhit Kadioglu demanded the President of the Internatinal Circassian Association (ICA) Hauti Sohrokov refute the statement which published in the official republican press  saying that the position of the International Circassian Association condemning the application of Circassian organizations to parliament of Ukraine on the recognition of the Circassian genocide  was agreed with  the President of KAFFED Yashar Aslankaya. 

Kadioglu stressed that if the ICA continue to tolerate inconsistent public statements, KAFFED will cancel his membership in ICA.

Gazeta yuga

Ex-president of KAFFED Vadzhit Kadioglu 

President of the Internatinal Circassian Association (ICA) Hauti Sohrokov 

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