July 25, 2014

Activists complain about poor living conditions for Syrian Circassians in sanatorium "Terek"

The activists who help the refugees from Syria in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) complain about poor living conditions of the Syrian Circassians, who were accommodated in the sanatorium "Terek". Activists are holding the campaign "Blankets-pillows" trying to provide Syrian Circassians at least with the bedding. Against the background of support of refugees from Ukraine, the situation with Syrian Circassians looks dramatically bad, said Zera, a participant of the action and a hostess of the shop, where they sew the bedding.

The poor living conditions of Syrian Circassians at the "Terek" have been accented by Olga Efendieva-Begret, a Circassian activist from Nalchik. In total, Nalchik has accepted 221 Circassian refugees from Syria; 139 of them live in the sanatorium "Terek".

According to Olga, now people have to sleep practically on the floor, since the rooms need more furniture. The Syrian repatriates also need food, medicines and diapers for children.

On July 5, the group on the Facebook named "Help to compatriots from Syria" announced an action "Blankets-pillows". Later, it was extended till July 24. As of July 17, the activists had bought 81 sets of bedding.

As noted by Barasbi Bischokov, the director of the sanatorium, there are "people who speculate" on the topic of repairing the sanatorium. According to his version, his staff is making "everything possible for the Syrian compatriots not to feel neglected."

Author: Yelena Khrustaleva; Source: CK correspondent

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