March 11, 2018

Social network users raise money for treatment of Syrian Circassian in Russia

The Ministry for Public Health of Kabardino-Balkaria is willing to help Dina Tamukh, a resident of Syria, with medical treatment in Russia, but she needs to raise money to travel to the Russian Federation, the NGO "Ochag" (Hearth) reported.

48-year-old Dina Tamukh sent her request for help through the Kabardino-Balkarian human rights centre. She said she was suffering from cancer and needed expensive medical treatment in Obninsk. The woman is a widow and takes care of two minor children, and she has no one to help her in Syria.
Dina Tamukh also reported that her ancestors lived in Kabarda. They left their homeland for the Ottoman Empire after the Caucasian War.

The NGO "Ochag" is engaged in raising funds for Dina Tamukh. In Nalchik, the NGO will help the woman find temporary housing and collect medical documents, reported Olga Begret, one of the leaders of the NGO "Ochag".

According to the activist, there have already been cases of medical care provided to natives of Syria at the expense of the Russian Federation. So, recently, in Krasnodar, a Syrian Circassian has been hospitalized, who is to undergo surgery, and a schoolboy from Syria underwent surgery on his scapula.

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