July 11, 2014

Monument of the national hero Kizbech Shereltiko will be built in Afepsip, republic of Adygeya

On July 9 at the National Museum of the Republic of Adygeya in the capital city of Maykop presented a project to build a monument of the national hero of the Circassian people Kizbech Tigozko Shereltiko.

One of the initiators of this project former Culture Minister of Adygeya Ghazi Shamsi told reporters that the initiative started a year ago and now has all the credentials to build the monument. 

The monument will be at a height of 3 meters and a width of 4 meters. The monument will be built in the Circassian village of Afepsip in Adygeya.

 Kizbech Tigozko was born in 1777 in the village of Nashkhe in  Shapsugia district in the historical state of Circassia. He was called the Lion of Circassia because his victories against the armies of the Russian Czar. In his period the armies of the Czar failed to progress into Circassia. Kizbech made ​​dozens of battles against the Russian army. One of the battles Kizbech with four thousand Circassian warriors defeated Czar's army with 20 thousand Russian soldiers. In another battle Kizbech with 700 Circassian warriors defeated and arrested the Czar's army of 5000 soldiers.
Kizbech Tigozko passed away in his home village Nashkhe in 1840.

Picture of Kizbech Tigozko Shereltiko which was painted by British writer James Bell who lives in Circassia in 1837-1839.

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