A conference In Polonezköy To Articulate The Circassian Question

Adel Bashqawi

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen

On the occasion of the Polish Independence which was commemorated on the 11th of November, I am proud and honored to be among my Circassian colleagues to pray for our deceased ancestors, and to greet our brothers and sisters, the inhabitants of Polonezköy who are the descendants of the Polish heroes who exerted their blessed efforts to help their brethren Circassians during their legitimate struggle against Tsarist Russian imperial invasion against the country of Circassia.

The letter that was sent to the Polish leadership , which was an initiative taken by the “Patriots of Circassia”, and was signed by 52 Circassians from 10 different countries that represent more than 50 countries that the Circassian Diaspora is located at.

The noble idea often needs to be sensed, and thats exactly what those great people did when they decided to stand on the side of right, justice and distinguished human values fighting with their fellow Circassians in their ordeal, who fought a defensive war for 101 years, against savage and criminal military armies, which eventually implemented the plans of committing Destruction that lead to Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Deportation of the entire Circassian nation. Hopes, aspirations and faith of the entire human race are eternal and “truth will prevail”. Those facts remind us of what Mahatma Gandhi had once said: “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

Its worth mentioning though that just after the Sochi Olympics, the Russian president in a rare comment on the subject, he criticized the West being trying to exploit the Circassian Question to discredit or harm Russia! its good that eventually a Russian high ranking official (the Russian president in this exclusive case) has confirmed that there is such a problem that is not yet been solved, and Russia in obliged to solve it out.

Poland and other victims of Russian oppression and colonialism can create cooperation and coordination between all concerned and across the civilized world to assist circassians by recognizing the circassian ethnic cleansing and genocide in order to restore legitimate rights in accordance with the International Law and the United Nations Charters.

Circassians in their disastrous ordeal; who said that Circassians got no memory? On the contrary, Circassians remember “the good, the bad and the ugly”; that means: (Read my lips)… They will never forget any of them! The Circassians must thank and highly value the true, courageous, sincere, and unforgettable action taken by the Parliament of the Caucasian Republic of Georgia for recognizing the genocide and ethnic cleansing inflicted on the Circassian nation. Thanks to the former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili’s speech in the General Assembly of the United Nation in September, 2013, when he mentioned the genocide: (That’s why the Georgian Parliament has recognized [in May, 2011] genocide of Circassian people – one of the most unknown and tragic pages of history of the world, when the whole nation was wiped out because their land was needed by the Russian Empire.)!

Nevertheless, recent and still going on developments in Southeastern Ukraine, which followed annexing the Crimea in a way that recalls the Tsarist Russian Empires’ way of annexation of Circassia, Chechnya and other nations whether in the North Caucasus or elsewhere.

As of our aim is to protect the Circassian nation through legal, nonviolent and civilized ways and means, and looking forward to protect the Circassians’ identity, language, culture and homeland, besides enjoying their rights of being a respected indigenous nation, I call on all Circassians whether at homeland or at the Diaspora to unite for these sacred purposes.

God Bless you all.

Long Live Circassia, Long Live Poland, and Long Live Freedom and Independence.

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