November 7, 2014

Archaeologists identified the origins of the name of the capital of Adygeya

According to the results of archaeological excavations near the village of Podgorny near Maykop, the capital of Adygeya, archaeologists found an interesting artifact confirming the interpretation of the name of Maikop as "the valley of apple trees."

This was announced on November 6 to archeologists, Doctor of Historical Sciences Vladimir Ehrlich, adding that during the excavation of the burial archaeological complex Psenafa (Light River), which refers to Meotian culture was discovered ceramic vessel depicting an apple orchard, dating back to II century BC.

"There are different translations of the name of "Maykop", in Circassian (Adyghe) it is translated as the valley of apple trees. In this discovery, we have put an end to the dispute. It's safe to say there has long been cultivated orchards. In the circle is clearly visible that it is engraved apples "- said Vladimir Ehrlich.

This ceramic vessel took pride of place in the new exhibition with the symbolic name "Antiquities "Valley of apple" which opened on November 6 in the North-Caucasian Branch of the State Museum of Oriental Arts in Maykop.

In general, in the sanctuary, and ground burial was found more than 1.5 thousand various subjects characterizing the material culture of Meotians (Circassians). Part of these findings is presented in the exhibition.

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