November 10, 2014

Syria: Circassians in Marj Sultan under fire

In the Circassian village of Marj Sultan in Syria, there are about 150 Circassians. According to resident of the village, during the last week the situation in the village significantly deteriorated.

In the last few days around the village there are clashes between the Syrian army and the rebels, artillery shelling the village. Weekly die Circassians. Three days ago, under fire, as a result of an artillery shell hit, killed Stash Murad.

Because of the ongoing fighting residents can not leave the village. In the village there is no food, water, no electricity. In consequence of all these, diseases was spread among the Circassians, particularly malaria.

Yesterday, in social networks among the Circassians began action to assist people living in the village of Marj Sultan.

It should be note that prior to the war in Syria in Marj Sultan lived more than three thousand Circassians. Now there are only about 150 people. Most of the residents moved to Damascus, Jordan, Turkey and some have returned to their historical Homeland- to Circassia.

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