Relatives of KChR's native report his kidnapping in Stavropol

Sultan Karasov was kidnapped in Stavropol, his relatives assert. They cannot find him for 8 days and do not rule out that he could be detained by power agents.

Sultan Karasov disappeared on January 10, said his mother Madina Karasova.

Sultan is a native of the Nogai District of the KChR; he lived in the village of Erkin-Hulk, but recently bought an apartment in Stavropol. On the day of his disappearance Sultan was in Stavropol, she said.

According to witnesses, the kidnapping was committed near the gate of the yard of his house. Sultan Karasov's car Toyota Camry was blocked; he was placed into another car and taken away, said his mother.

Relatives believe that Karasov, born in 1982, could be kidnapped by one of power agencies, said one of his relatives.

"We managed to learn, through our sources that the Stavropol FSB was interested in him," said the relative and added that they lodged an application to the police of Stavropol on January 11. According to his story, Sultan Karasov, was religious, but had no radical views.