April 29, 2015

On Day of Circassian Flag, Tbilisi opens art exhibition and hosts book presentation

On April 25, on the Day of the Circassian flag, the Tbilisi State University opened an exhibition of masterpieces created by Circassian artists. Besides, Tbilisi hosted a presentation of the book "Cherkessia My Pain". The events were organized by the "Circassian Cultural Centre".
According to Aslan Beshto, the Chairman of the public movement "Kabardian Congress", after Tbilisi had recognized the genocide of Circassians, the relations between Georgia and Circassians changed drastically.
"All the negative emotions accumulated for 20 years have gone. We have managed to build a new relationship, and Circassians now see that we have a reliable partner in the face of Georgia," Aslan Beshto has said at the meeting.
During the festive events, Tbilisi hosted a presentation of the book "Cherkessia My Pain" written by Tamara Polovinkina. According to participants of the presentation, the book presents in details the studies that allow calculating with high probability the number of Adygs before the Russian-Circassian War (about 1.5 million people) and the circumstances of the conclusion of agreements between the Russian and Ottoman Empires, in which Turkey ceded to Russia the dominion over the Circassian lands.

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