April 22, 2015

Putin appoints Alexandr Tkachov as Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Alexandr Tkachov 

Today, April 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin appoints Alexander Tkachov as Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Takachov served as head of the Krasnodar province from 2001 until today. Putin appoints Veneman Kondrtayev as the acting head of the head of Krasnodar province until the election in the province.

Circassians in the world care about the Krasnodar province because this territory was the heart of the historical state of Circassia and the majority of the Circassian people lived in this territory for a period of thousands of years. The vast majority of the Circassian people expelled from their homeland after the occupation of their country Circassia by the Russian Empire in 1864.

Today, nearly a million Circassians living in the homeland (republic of Adygeya , Kabardino-Balkaria republic, Karachaevo-Circassia republic, Krasnodar province ) and only about 50 thousand of them live in Krasnodar province .

Veneman Kondrtayev 

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