May 6, 2015

Adnan Qudeberdoqua (ICM) - Message to the world

We've been massacred, deported, abused and unjustly dealt with for over a hundred years at the hands of Russian Czarist forces between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, however, not one state of the Diaspora countries recognized the genocide of the Circassians.. isn't that surprising.

How much longer will our Circassian nation procrastinate in presenting their case in international forums, there is evidence and a living proof today, of the importance of unity and national action for the cause, represented in what has been achieved by our fellow Armenians by the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, dear Circassians, wake up from your hibernation and unite your efforts in putting forward the Circassian issue in international forums.

Recently the European Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide, and that recognition was widely accepted around the world. What about the mass Circassian Genocide!!! Are Circassian people not worthy of States recognition of tragedies that they've endured by Circassians and continue to endure to this day, as a result of events that rendered them scattered around the globe in more than 40 countries, I wonder what are their reasons for the double standards?

Is the Circassian blood that flowed, differ from the blood of victims of other genocides, whether Rwandan, Angolan or Armenian, every year the extermination and expulsion of the Circassian people from our historical Circassia, we commemorate on the 21st of may at Homeland and in Diaspora countries .. However our plight still absent from countries roundtable discussions, why? Are we deluded and misguided ?? Or is it that the Russian government have mastered the art misguiding and deluding others with their falsified narrative of events??

Shouldn't Mr. Putin recognize the Circassian Genocide and expulsion that was committed by his ancestors the Russian Tsarists, against the Circassian nation and the indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasus, as he did in recognizing the Armenian Genocide during its centennial celebrations? 

There is enough evidence that cannot be refuted, which prove the involvement of Tsarist Russia in the genocide of the Circassians and their forced expulsion, such evidence were taken from the Russian state archives and the archives of former Soviet Satellite countries.

The Circassian people are part of the human entity, they experience feelings of pain and suffering just like any other human being .. regardless whether he is from Rwanda, Angola, Armenia or Circassia.

Please justify these double standards.

International Circassian movement
Jordan- Amman
Adnan Qudeberdoqua

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