May 30, 2015

Circassian activist Adnan Khuade reports on searches at work and home

On May 25, in Adygea, searches were conducted at the house and the working place of Adnan Khuade, a member of the movement "Patriots of Circassia".

"I was informed that the reason for the searches was my possible involvement in the case against five immigrants from Turkey. According to investigators, the defendants illegally purchased land plots for construction of houses in the village of Khamyshki of the Maikop District of Adygea," Adnan Khuade has said.

According to Adnan Khuade, during the searches, law enforcers seized his phones, PC, hard drives to video cameras, both at his shop and at his house. Besides, the commercial documents were also seized.

On May 23, at 7:00 p.m., the police detained for several hours Ruslan Kesh, one more Circassian activist. In Maikop, he was going to meet a member of the Circassian delegation from Turkey. According to Ruslan Kesh, he was released after the departure of the Turkish visitor.

"The policemen did not conceal from me the reason why they had detained me. They wanted to prevent my meeting with the visitor from Turkey," the "" quotes Ruslan Kesh as stating.
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