May 19, 2015

In Adygeya discussed the preparations for the Day of Memory and Grief

Maykop, 19 May. At the meeting of the governmental organizing committee of Adygeya Republic discussed the preparations for the events on 21 of May, the Day of Memory and Grief for the victims of the Russian-Circassian War (1763-1864) .

On this day in Maykop will be a march from the city park to the monument of "Harmony and Unity", which is located near the main mosque in the capital. There will be a rally near the monument, and after, in the State Philharmonic of the Republic will host a concert-requiem.

Every year on the day of Memory and Grief in each municipality in Adygeya there are events - open lessons in schools, students writes essays, libraries open book exhibitions, round tables in the universities - said the head of the Committee of Ethnic Affairs, Relations with Compatriots and media of Adygeya Asker Shhalahov.

In total on May 21 in Adygeya will be more than 45 events related with the Russian-Circassian war (1763-1864) and the Circassian genocide.

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